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6" Thick Bully Sticks - Sale!

$25.00 - $299.00
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Product Description

**Currently on sale for the same price as our regular 6" Bully Sticks** Our same great consistently thick, low odor and 100% all-natural 6" bully sticks (with no chemicals), but a little bit thicker. These bully sticks will be 28-37 grams per stick (compare to an average of 25g+ for our regular 6" bully sticks). Sourced from free-ranging, grass-fed South American cattle raised without hormones or antibiotics.

FREE within the United States.
Order to delivery time: 2-5 business days.
Shipped from Chicago, using USPS for bundles of 6, 10, 15, and 30, and UPS for bundles of 60 and 120.
You'll receive a shipping notification email with tracking when your order ships.

International Shipping
To Canada: $7
To anywhere else: $11
Order more than 1,
shipping per item might be less
(calculated at checkout).
Order to delivery time: 1-3 weeks
(typically closer to 1 week for Canada).
Shipped from Chicago, Illinois, USA using the US Postal Service.
You'll receive a shipping notification email with tracking when your order ships.

Ryan's promise to you and your pups
I understand that with a natural product like bully sticks, there can be great uncertainty of receiving what you expect.
That's why I have uniquely high standards for consistency, so even with this natural product with typically great variation, you can trust that you'll receive a consistently high-quality product with every single order.
If our bully sticks don't work out for your dog, email me at
and I'll provide a full refund.
Thank you for giving me and Bully Bundles the opportunity to serve you and your pup(s)!
-Ryan, Bully Bundles founder, owner, operator